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Conference Proceedings


The refereed international conference proceedings with ISBN are  published before the  conferences as online  version. The online proceedings remains for many years and are delivered by specially  dedicated website. You can see your paper by visiting You can also view papers from previous conferences in London, Paris, New York, Toronto, Malaysia, Las Vegas, Dubai, Auckland, Bangkok, China and Australia. You have the option of including either abstract only or full paper in the proceedings. If you want your paper to be included, you need to prepare it as per the guidelines available on this website (please see the Submission Guidelines link) and send it to us as a MS Word file (not PDF).  Please send us the paper for the proceedings by 9 November, 2015.

Please note that once the paper is uploaded to the website, we cannot change it and reload the revised version. For example, an author has sent only abstract before the conference and wants to upload full paper after the conference, this will not be allowed. Or an author sent the full paper before the conference for inclusion in the conference proceedings and then the author changed their mind and asked us to delete full paper and to upload just the abstract, we will not comply to such request. We also cannot upload any updated versions of the paper.

Please think carefully before you decide to include your full paper or abstract in the proceedings. We will not comply to any request after the conference in respect to changes in conference proceedings. If an urgent request is made, a fee of US$100 is required to be paid by the author for any updates to the proceedings.